Why do people wear latex? Survey results


Have you ever wondered why people wear latex? What is so intriguing about it? We gave the floor to you on this question, and today it's time to give the answer to the world. Here are the first results of our survey and the answer to the question "Why do people wear latex?".

In mid-December 2021, we asked you for your opinions on latex – whether you are interested in it, whether you wear it and how you view it in general. Your answers will help clarify some important questions. We start with the fundamental one – what excites people so much about latex and why do they wear it at all?

Answers in general

It would seem at first glance that latex is a very impractical material and many people have ambiguous associations with it. Nevertheless, many people are very eager to wear it, take pictures of it and get a lot of joy out of it. So let’s see what they answered to the question “What do you like most about latex?”. Below are the aggregate results of answers to such a question by people who are interested in and wear latex. Each responding person could choose as many answers as he or she thought were most relevant.

Clearly, it must be said that there are 4 answers in the lead unquestionably, which received more than 80% of the votes. So at least 4 out of 5 people wear latex because of the fact that it hugs the body, has a unique look and shine, allows a unique way to feel touch and various stimuli, and has a sexual dimension. Such results are hardly surprising. They are a direct result of the properties and structure of latex. It is an extremely elastic material with a perfectly smooth surface. This means that latex clothing can perfectly adhere to the body and reflect its shapes. In addition, it can be glossed and polished, thus achieving a complete look that seems to strive for perfection. In addition to the outward appearance, the feel of the wearer also turns out to be important. These are also quite unique due to the fact that the material adheres to the body. As a result, touch and all stimuli are felt in a completely different way than with other materials. It is these characteristics that make latex such an original material that provides sensations to the wearer and the onlooker. Some other materials look similar, but that’s where the similarities end. In fourth place was the answer referring to the sexuality aspect of latex. One might suspect that the association of latex with broad sexuality is primarily due to the fact that not so long ago it was used almost exclusively in erotic and fetish content. Nevertheless, today we are witnessing a major change, as latex is “making its way into salons.” This is also confirmed by our other question in the survey, which clearly indicates that the fashion aspect is no less important than the fetish aspect.

Does gender matter?

It should be noted that the vast majority of the responses considered were given by men. Their answers almost coincide with those we saw above, and they largely influenced such a shape of the overall results. It is therefore worth giving the floor to women and seeing how the answers shape up in their case. Below, therefore, are the responses to the same question, but limited to the responses of women only. For easier analysis, the answers are arranged in exactly the same order as above.

Even at first glance, one can see some discrepancies. The body-pressing aspect of latex and its unique look and sheen are invariably the most important. Touch and perception of stimuli are also important. Characteristically, however, latex allows women to feel attractive and sexy in it, which also gives them a lot of confidence. It also allows them to stand out from the crowd. Sexual arousal, on the other hand, is less important. The other points are already distributed similarly for both sexes. Hence the conclusion that women – compared to men – value latex more for how they look in it than how they feel in it. In the field of availability and choice of different latex garments, it is women who have more choice (dresses, stockings, skirts, etc.). Although everyone can wear what they want and what they like, it is much easier for women to create a greater variety of latex ensembles in the classic way.

What about those who don't wear latex?

We also asked a similar question to people who do not wear latex, but are interested in it, or once tried it, but for various reasons do not wear it. What is the situation here?

Leading the answers are those related to the visual aspect, and the first is appearance and gloss. This is a natural answer, as it is the appearance of latex that makes the greatest impression on the viewer. This appearance also has the effect of increasing the attractiveness of latex wearers. The third place is the rubber’s support of the body. This is certainly a matter of emphasizing the figure through clothing. Nevertheless, sexuality is important here. Because there is little real contact with the material, things like sound and smell are relegated to the background.


These are the main answers to the question “Why do people wear latex?”. Clearly, then, it must be admitted that latex is a unique material that gives sensations to both parties – the wearer and the onlooker. It wraps around the body, accentuates the body’s figure, shines and gives a great sensation from wearing it. It affects many senses at the same time. These qualities make us feel prettier, more attractive and sexier in it. As a result, self-confidence grows.

Are you surprised by the results or exactly what you expected? Are you waiting for other analyses? Or do you have some specific points to explore? Let us know in the comments!

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chris W
chris W
28.07.2023 10:05

Interesting article and the statistics are also informative. As a male who has been into latex for over 40 years I am aware that latex fetishism (sexual attraction to the material) is mainly a male preserve. I have met very few women who have a fetish for the material itself. The increase in the popularity of wearing latex in women is for other reasons than sexual fetishism. Women like the look of wearing latex, the transformative visual aspect (cosplay) and the feel (non sexual) of wearing it. Also, it still has a little risqué value to be seen wearing it. So for those who like that aspect it can be attractive to wear latex.

09.08.2023 17:29
Reply to  chris W

Hello, I’m a male myself and I like latex though I haven’t worn it myself (yet) and please help me, I just don’t understand how women do not find latex sexually attractive like us men do, why? I really don’t understand it since latex is a very sexual thing for me, I’m so confused by this.

Thank you very much for your input!

Chris Wood.
Chris Wood.
25.04.2024 20:18
Reply to  Mark

Hi Mark. Look at other stuff guys get sexually attraced too – feet, hair, bums, leather, panties, etc , etc. You will find that women are not attracted to these either (with the very odd exception). Maybe some get horny when seeing very well muscled guys but certainly not inanimate stuff. They don’t fetishise stuff like some men can.
It seems that guys just have more sexual triggers – basically they’ll shag anything ! If it were left to the girls sexual urges to procreate the human species would die out i’m afraid.
Some girls do enjoy sex but its mainly a currency to them. They want something in return – be it presents, supporting them in a relationship, or money plain and simple. That statement seems cold but I’m afraid it is what it is.
I’ve beem pm Fetlife for many years and I see the amount of women on their into latex is far outweighed by the number of men. And then even those are usually into it because they are with a partner who is into it. I know of very few females who get off on latex because they have a fetish for it. Life is tough I’m afraid. So don’t waste time and money trying to find a girl with a fetish for it. It would be cheaped hiring a pro-domme for a few hours each month to scratch your itch !