To whom are we talking about latex?


Who knows about our interest in latex? Is it usually only those closest to us or is it a larger group of people? Survey results.

Have you ever wondered about who knows about your interest in latex? I certainly have. Some people treat it as a very personal thing and are unlikely to share such information with anyone. Others, on the other hand, will tell only the closest people about it (or maybe it’s even their shared interest). Finally, there is a group of people who do not hide with latex at all – they take pictures and upload them to social media.

So what does the overall picture look like? We asked latex wearers a question about who knows about their latex interests or their taste. Here are the results for this question from more than 100 responses:

It turns out that most people – 44% – share their interest mainly with their partner. The remaining people are very divided. Several people keep this fact a secret just for themselves, but also several percent do not hide their positive opinion of latex at all. There are also some people somewhere in between, where mainly close friends or family know.

It turns out, that in the vast majority latex is a topic we talk about in relationships. This is a very positive finding, since the relationship space is precisely the one in which we should share our interests and use them together. As we have seen in other survey results, this can be an important matter concerning not only physical sensations, but also one’s own self-perception, sense of attractiveness and fulfillment. Nevertheless, a sense of equity is also important.

The topic of latex – although all the time considered sometimes controversial – is characterized by diverse approaches and everyone has his or her own “idea” for it. It is important to remember that not everyone has the opportunity to tell family or friends, let alone show themselves in public. The most important thing, however, is to proceed according to one’s own abilities, feelings and readiness for the next stages. If you don’t feel up to taking the next step (for various reasons), it’s worth thinking about the matter and asking a trusted person. Latex, however, is appearing more and more often with a variety of people on a variety of occasions. This means that latex will gradually be “disenchanted” and everyone will be able to talk about it more and more boldly.

And what is your opinion on this subject? Do you leave it to yourself or step by step go out into the world with latex? Or maybe you have not hidden your interest from the very beginning? Let us know in the comments!

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