How to wear latex

Latex is certainly a unique material compared to all others. It is distinguished by its texture, elasticity, sheen and many other aspects. Wearing latex is of course an experience also incomparable to “normal” clothes, even such as vinyl, lack and the like. So let’s take a look at the most important facts and dispel some myths.

When you wear latex in a place where people are, you certainly stand out. Wearing latex is an experience for both the wearer and the viewer. You just have to be prepared for it. Is standing out a bad thing? Absolutely not. Is being someone people glance at a bad thing? Absolutely not. Latex allows you to stand out, but not always. Different pieces of clothing can be woven into an everyday outfit in such a way that they are only noticed after a while. The things that stand out the least are those that everyone knows well (e.g. shirts), but are simply made of latex. Naturally, at the opposite pole are, for example, catsuits. For some people, latex standing out is its greatest advantage. Let’s remember that always a lot of people who pay attention, often do it with admiration and a “wow” effect.

Latex in the everyday look, photo: Lady Keller - @lady_keller_
Latex in the fetish look, photo: Evil Woman - @evilqueenpriv

Time to answer the question on everyone’s mind – is latex comfortable? Yes, well-made latex is comfortable and you can walk around in it for several hours without any problem. A well-made latex is one whose size is properly selected and whose form is anatomically adapted to the body. A garment made from a single piece of rubber will probably be less comfortable than a garment with a more complex cut. Are you afraid that after putting on latex everything will pinch you? This may just be a first impression. Usually after a few minutes, the garment adjusts and you stop paying attention to it. Often, even when you’re preoccupied with something else, you forget you’re wearing it – it becomes completely normal. But don’t worry – it’s still special, you still feel special and look special!

Okay, but what does it actually feel like? Many people think at first that it must be uncomfortable, sweaty and not cool at all. We have already explained the first issue, let’s look at the rest. First of all, we need to mention the effect of second skin, which we often hear about. It’s true – latex in most cases is a tight material, that’s the whole charm of it. Since it is directly on the skin, it moves with it and you can always feel it on your skin. It’s that described second-skin effect. This is one of those things that is hard to explain, you have to feel it. The whole magic is that the touch receptors sense the material all the time and on the whole surface. Thus, a whole bunch of stimuli reaches us, which before starting the adventure with latex were rather unknown. In addition, all the stimuli we know now are completely different. I am talking primarily about touch and temperature. When it comes to the surrounding temperature, latex generally intensifies the sensation. If it is cold – one feels the cold even more. If it is warm, it sometimes feels even warmer. Also, a point change in temperature (e.g. a cool cup with a drink) is felt slightly differently – with a slight delay and over a larger area. This is because the temperature first spreads through the material and only then reaches our skin. All this makes wearing latex hard to compare to anything else. Let’s also look at the issue of sweating. This is quite an individual matter, but for sure in latex we sweat. It’s not likely to be an outfit for a quick trip to the store or for exercise. Is this a problem? It depends on our tendency to sweat, the environment, the activities performed, and many other factors. Medium temperature is best – not too hot, not too cold. Stress doesn’t help either. Nevertheless, if the conditions are not difficult, you can confidently be in latex for several hours at a party or event and sweating is not a problem. Another interesting observation is that when we sweat, we usually do not feel it. This is good, because this fact does not stress us and additionally does not drive the whole process.

Finally, some practical and technical aspects. Latex is a delicate and natural material, so it requires some care. Of course the enemies of latex are any sharp objects. Care must be taken both when dressing and when wearing. Hooked latex can behave differently. Sometimes a hole will form, and sometimes a large tear. It is necessary to remember that latex reacts to contact with non-ferrous metals like copper, brass, nickel, gold. This causes the appearance of discoloration in yellow or brown color. Some colors are particularly susceptible to this – white, red and other, generally bright colors. With black there are no such problems (maybe that’s why it is so popular), but the layer of black material between the metal and the light color is no protection at all – the metal can “pass” through the latex. Therefore, it is worth avoiding contact of latex with coins and jewelry. Latex is usually worn shiny, and an excessive layer of silicone usually accelerates the reaction. Another enemy of rubber are oils and similar things. In the first place, they gradually weaken the material and later cause it to crack. They should therefore be strictly avoided. Especially when it comes to glossing – we use for this not oils, but silicones. Allies of latex, of course, are also not any contaminants. It is best to store the material clean, do not leave dirt and moisture on it. It is also good to avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Latex is a natural material, so sunlight accelerates its aging. Here the protection is a layer of silicone, which at the same time gives it a glossy shine and provides a certain protective barrier. In addition, leaving latex in the sun causes it to heat up. Dark colors heat up very quickly and can sometimes reach high temperatures.

In conclusion, we can say that latex is a material that requires attention, but gives in return an extraordinary look and a unique sensory experience. It is certainly worth trying to wear latex at least once to experience its multi-dimensional uniqueness.

Latex dress, photo: Lady Perse - @lady_perse__
Latex underwear, photo: Evil Woman - @evilqueenpriv
Men's fashion - leggings, photo: MrLatexDave - @MrLatexDave
Men's fashion - polo shirt
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