What do YOU think about latex? Survey!


Today we want to ask you about latex! What do you think about it, what you like and what you don't like? Do you wear latex? Share your opinions and your attitude towards latex. Together we'll try to answer the question "Why do people wear latex?" and many others 😃

We invite you to fill out the following survey, in which you will find a set of several or up to a dozen questions about latex. The survey should not take more than 3 minutes. It contains very specific, logically arranged questions.


The survey is for everyone – regardless of experience! 🙂


We won’t ask for any personal information, just your gender, age and background.

If you do not see the survey below, please use THIS LINK directly to the survey on Google.


Press “Dalej” button to proceed to English 🇬🇧 language selection and use it to move between questions..