Samsung, Maffasion and latex? Yeah!


If you've been following the news on the mobile device market, you've surely heard about Samsung's foldable devices. And have you seen the Polish commercial of these folders?

The last several years is a time of very intensive development of mobile devices, especially smartphones. We have them with us practically all the time. They allow us to stay in touch with the world, capture moments from our lives on photos (including those latex ones 😊) and much more. A novelty on the market are foldable phones with flexible screens.

Exactly… flexible and foldable screens? Flexible? Since something is flexible, it’s a bit like latex, right? Yes! This is exactly the way Samsung went, in the advertisement of which we can see a latex outfit. Ambassador of one of the foldable models of Samsung is Julia “Maffashion” Kuczynska and it is, among others, her who we can see in the ad. At first, Maffashion seems to choose the color of latex from several bright pastel samples. The choice falls on the light pink. A moment later, we see the model in this very color. She is wearing a sleeveless jumpsuit and long fingerless gloves. On top of that she is wearing a short dress with pink flowers. This styling, despite the presence of latex, is very inoffensive and natural. The bubble gum pink color creates a very sweet vibe. At the same time, it is still latex, so something generally non-standard and eye-catching. A bit like phones, which are still a novelty on the market. Was that the inspiration for this creation? We are very happy that once again we can see latex in a great design, which shows the diversity of latex and which escapes the usual – although long outdated – vision of latex.

Take a look at the commercial and some photos.



Paweł Tumiłowicz


Michał Koszek

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