XPS Revolt: latex, modernity and technology


A new project XPS Revolt by Brodka has just been launched. It was inaugurated with a video using latex. This is another technological video, in which latex perfectly emphasizes the aspect of modernity.

Project XPS by Brodka is a collaboration between technology companies Dell and Intel. It is addressed to people who create in the so-called new media. It is a response to the rapidly changing world, in which technology plays an increasingly important role. This virtual space should also be a space of art. The project will result in a film directed by Brodka and Przemek Dzienis, in which the works submitted to the competition will be used. The best works will be selected by a jury chaired by Monika Brodka, a Polish alternative singer, composer, songwriter and guitarist.

The launch of the project was announced with a dedicated video clip. In it, Brodka is dressed in a nude-colored latex catsuit. The shape of her body is emphasized with black vertical stripes running down the entire length. The look is completed with the right hairstyle and makeup. Latex fits perfectly here with the new technology and the concept of no limits. It has become an element allowing the expression of beauty, freedom and creative power. Latex is therefore a material that opens up new possibilities to create modern clothing, but also to create art that allows you to express yourself in an original way.


What do you think, will we also see latex costumes in the final film of the project?

Photo: instagram.com/missbrodka
Photo: www.xpsrevolt.pl


Paweł Tumiłowicz


Andrzej Sobolewski

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