MTV VMAs 2021 – Kim Petras in a latex catsuit!


This year's MTV VMAs was the first MTV Awards gala after a two-year pause, and it followed the familiar classic formula with an audience and red carpet. Kim Petras appeared at the gala in a latex catsuit and mask.

The 2021 MTV Video Music Awards gala was held on September 12th in New York. It was hosted by Doja Cat. The American music television channel MTV gives awards for the music video industry. The most important award is “Video of the Year”. The gala is of course an opportunity for the stars to show up on the red carpet. This year, a lot of people could be seen. Everyone was eager for a real musical event, since last year’s gala – due to the coronavirus pandemic – was held without an audience. Since this time there was an audience and a red carpet, there could be no shortage of gorgeous hairstyles. Our attention is of course drawn to Kim Petras, who decided to show up in latex!

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Kim Petras is a 29-year-old German singer and songwriter who underwent gender transition surgery at a very young age. She mainly creates pop and electronic music. At this year’s gala, she opted for an unusual outfit, consisting of a black latex catsuit complete with feet and fingerless gloves, a latex mask with a braid opening, and a highly embellished, light-colored, short dress, layered over the catsuit. The whole look was completed with classic stilettos in the shade of the dress. The pattern of the dress is very contrasting with the catsuit not only because of the colors. The dress is richly decorated with flowers and religious motifs on it. It features numerous crosses and symbols known from sacred art. This dress was specially chosen for the first MTV gala at which she has the opportunity to perform. Why this choice?

The artist explains this in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. When asked why she chose such an outfit, she replies: “It’s fabulous. I love Richard Quinn and I love the sex with the cross, I feel like it makes a statement. I feel like a lot of stuff has been happening to sex workers and people being taken off platforms and stuff. It’s unnecessary.”. The outfit is thus a kind of combination of good and bad, a combination of religious and freakt things. We also learn that Kim uses talcum powder to dress latex. She applies it to her body and then slips into the rubber. This is a lot of fun for her! Check out the short interview below.

In another interview, this time for Access Hollywood, when asked how she feels about the mask, the artist replies: “I feel amazing. Hinestly it is really hot, but anything for fashion, anything for a look. I don’t care if I breathe o rany of that, as long as the fashion is on point. I’m happy.” Kim also speaks on the LGBTQ+ community, which she says: “I’m part of that community. I had no one being a pop star and transgedner when I was a kid. I wish I had someone like that. I want to loudly support this community. I think being honest and authentic is going to inspires other people to be honest and authentic. I’m not perfect, I don’t want to be a role model for all that I do. Definitelly find your own thing that you are, that you want to be and became.  So I think it’s just important to be an honest and inspire people just to go for it. I’m from a tiny town in Germany, and now I’m performing at the VMAs! If you work really hard hard, you can do it. If you just put in the hours and have the passion – that’s so strong that you can do anything for it – you can do it.” Check out the interview here:

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Kim Petras arrived at the gala in her outfit along with Paris Hilton. The artists drove in Paris’ pink convertible. Latex mask in such circumstances was a great contrast. Before entering the gala, Kim presented herself on the red carpet and gave interviews, just like many other stars. For the performance itself, however, she dressed up in another outfit dedicated to the show. The singer sang the song “Future Starts Now,” which had a setting in pink and white. You can see the performance below.


Petras reveals a very interesting detail from her life on her Instagram. Kim wanted to wear latex dresses to class in high school! Unfortunately, this was not welcomed by the teachers, for which she was expelled from class. In fact, this is not the first time we have seen her in a latex look. Back in 2018, we already had the opportunity to see her in Paper magazine. But this time the artist showed up at a very important event and had the opportunity to show herself. We have to admit that such an outfit with a mask is always impressive and many times it takes a lot of commitment and willingness to show up in latex. What do you think about Kim Petras’ outfit? Did she hit the spot or was it too controversial? Let us know in the comments! 😊


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