Lily Collins is Emily in… latex?


Known for the series "Emily in Paris" actress Lily Collins has shown herself in latex styles several times. We will show you two of them, which Lily decided to wear in 2020.

Some time ago we published an article about several scenes from the 3rd season of the series “Emily in Paris”, in which latex outfits were shown. Staying with the theme of the series, today we will focus on Lily Collins, the actress who plays Emily Cooper – the main character of the series. Over the past few years, she has opted for several latex outfits. Today we will look at 2 of them, which come from the Yves Saint Laurent collection.

In November 2020, Lily Collins appeared for the first time on the cover of Vogue magazine, specifically Vogue Arabia. The cover shoot consisted of several looks. It featured a plum top, a red top, long black gloves and also black stockings or leggings. Below are some photos from the shoot for Vogue and a short video.

Photo: Vogue Arabia
Photo: Vogue Arabia
Photo: Vogue Arabia
Photo: Vogue Arabia

The second interesting event was the MTV Movie & TV Awards gala, which took place shortly thereafter, on December 6, 2020. This is a unique edition, as it was not held in traditional form due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The gala was held online via Zoom, while only a handful of stars showed up. One of them was just Lily Collins. Her styling choice was a latex dress from YSL. Certainly, appearing in a black long latex dress with open shoulders could have generated a lot of interest against the backdrop of the styling that everyone is already accustomed to at this type of event.

Photo: Getty Images


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