International Day of Latex

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Every year International Latex Day falls on June 15. This date is no coincidence, because on June 15, 1844, a patent was issued for the process of vulcanizing rubber.

Every year International Latex Day falls on June 15. It’s a date not coincidental, as June 15, 1844 was the date the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a patent for a method of vulcanizing rubber. The patent was filed in New York by American inventor and entrepreneur Charles Goodyear. His name today we certainly associate with the tire company, but in fact Goodyear has nothing to do with it. The rubber industry company was named in his honor after his death. Today, this symbolic day is an opportunity to celebrate the awesomeness and usefulness of latex, including, of course, as a material for creating fantastic clothing. Don’t forget to celebrate! 🥳

Below is the original patent document:

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