How do people discover latex?


How does the latex adventure begin? Where do we see it or encounter it for the first time? Time for another look at the survey results.

In mid-December 2021, we asked you for your opinions on latex. Your answers help clarify some interesting points. Another aspect we’ll look at is how the latex adventure begins, i.e., where people unwind latex for the first time.

The chart above shows the aggregated results of responses to the question “How did you discover your interest in latex?”. The most common answer is that latex is discovered through social media – 36% of responses. This is not surprising, as social media has been with us for many years and has occupied a lot of our attention, while growing all the time. A lot of people create content such as photos or videos either for their own satisfaction or professionally. This makes it not difficult today to come across many very nice and aesthetically pleasing photos starring latex. In addition, outfits made of latex can be very different – casual leggings, shirts, dresses, cosplay, fetish suits and much more. Interestingly, as many as 1/3 of people do not remember exactly how it happened that they became interested in latex! One might suspect that the whole story started with a small thing that seemingly didn’t make much of a difference, but step by step turned into a bigger interest or passion. Or maybe it was… destiny after all?

One in ten people have seen latex in famous people, such as show business people, models, celebrities and others. More and more such people are showing themselves in latex, so it is likely that this answer may be gaining over time. The options “Someone once showed it to me” and “Pornography” also scored a few percent. In the first case, it could be various events or parties where someone comes in latex and thus others have the opportunity to see it. Sometimes in relationships, too, one person shows the other, and that’s where all the interest starts. The second case concerns all kinds of pornographic materials (online, printed, etc.). There latex can be used to make people more attractive or to show certain roles.

And how did you guys start your latex adventure? Feel free to share your story in the comments! 😊

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24.07.2023 21:57

I discovered latex at a very young age about 12.I saw a person in the newspaper wearing it and was hooles instantly!