Doja Cat at the 2021 Grammy Awards


Latex is a material that gives a lot of stage possibilities. It was used very well by rapper Doja Cat during her sci-fi-themed performance at the 63rd Grammy Awards.

It’s March 14, 2021, Stapless Center in Los Angeles. The 2021 Grammy Awards ceremony is about to begin. The Grammy Awards are one of the most important awards in the entertainment music industry, dating back to 1959. The award ceremonies are honored by the performances of renowned artists. This time was no different. Our attention is drawn to the performance of Doja Cat, an American rapper and singer who has been gaining popularity in recent years. She was nominated in 3 categories, including Best Pop Solo Performance for her song “Say So”. It was this song that she performed at the gala.

On stage we saw a futuristic performance as if from a sci-fi movie. Doja and a group of dancers gave a show of the highest level. The basis for the costumes of all the artists was classic black catsuits. The dancers wore black helmets with cat ears on their heads, and Doja wore a mask. They all wore black long boots with thick soles.

Let’s take a closer look at the main artist’s outfit. Of course, she wore a black latex catsuit – a classic that never goes out of fashion. On it she wore a few mood accessories. First of all, it’s a black corset – not latex, but probably lack, which matches the suit very well. There are also a few accessories that diversify the styling and give it a sci-fun mood. These are knee pads (they looked very good and came in handy during the show), characteristic rounded hips, round bands on arms, heavy boots and material gloves. An interesting detail is also the microphone holder attached to the left leg with the same bands the artist has on her arms. The whole outfit was topped off with a latex “open face” mask with an opening for a braid.

Credits: Invision
Credits: Invision

Doja’s styling should certainly be considered a success. Latex worked very well and created the right ambience. Especially when combined with the right play of lights and lasers. The styling is very bold, but thanks to that it is also very original. In the pictures you can see a lot of details. There are, for example, gluing, as well as places where the gloss has worn off a bit (which is not surprising in such a lively performance). This is what creates a very authentic latex image, which seems to be much more impressive than lack and winyl. It will be interesting to see what impressions latex leaves in the artist herself and whether we will see her in more latex performances.


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