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The presence of latex in film productions is not an unprecedented novelty. So it was only a matter of time before latex creations hit Netflix. Let's take a look at the series BONDiNG and look for latex curiosities.

BONDiNG is a native Netflix production that debuted on the top streaming platform in April 2019. So far, 2 seasons have been released, the first seven episodes and the second eight episodes. Unfortunately, Netflix recently announced that it does not intend to continue the series. The series is a comedy-drama whose several-minute episodes are fairly lighthearted, but deal with important personal and social issues.

Tiffany Chester (pic. Netflix)
Peter Devin (pic. Netflix)

The series tells the story of New York City student Tiffany Chester (Zoe Levin) who works as a domina, Mistress May, in addition to her studies. Her best friend from high school Peter Devin (Brendan Scannell) works as a waiter, but can barely make ends meet. So Tiff makes him an offer to work as the domina’s assistant. This is how we learn about the adventures of these two characters.

BONDiNG is a series dealing with topics that are sometimes taboo – BDSM, domination, submission, fetishes and more. It is certainly an attempt to show the viewer that the world of BDSM is not as scary as it might seem. At the same time it does it in a light, sometimes even funny way.  The characters it portrays are ordinary people who struggle with the same problems as everyone else. Is the presented world consistent with reality? This is a topic for a completely separate discussion. We would like to take a look at the costumes presented in the series. We can find styles made of leather, lacquer and, of course, latex. The latter is of course mainly worn by Tiff (or rather Mistress May), but not only. So let’s take a look at the four main outfits presented in the series.

Pic. Netflix

The first latex outfit appears at the very beginning of the series – at the beginning of the first episode. Pete comes to May’s studio and finds her in a classic long black latex dress and long gloves. It is a very elegant, almost evening outfit. The background is the studio room in shades of red, which contrasts very well with the figure in the foreground – the combination of black and red is very classic and sensual. We must admit that such one of the first scenes in the series must make a big impression on the viewer. The latex shown is elegant and non-offensive, yet sensual.

Pic. Netflix

The second installment of latex is episode 4, when Tiff and Pete show up at a client’s house. Tiff’s styling consists of a slightly loose long-sleeved top with a flared bottom, a short two-tone skirt, and long boots. Zoe Levin posted a photo from backstage on her Instagram account, in which we can take a closer look at her outfit. Two things are worth noticing here. The first is the skirt, which stands out from the black rest, but in the end black goes with everything. The second thing is the socks, which are often worn and hidden under long boots so that you may not realize it. Appearance is appearance, but comfort has to be there too.

Pic. Netflix

We arrive at the second episode of the second season. Here we have a real latex festival set in one scene. The main characters take their first lesson at Mistress Mira – a guru in the world of domination, with whom the girls take lessons. Here we see Tiffany in a very interesting outfit – a black dress with characteristic slits, a harness, a corset with metal trims and very long boots. The styling is, of course, the work of Lucy Hawkins, the series’ costume designer. She shows on her Instagram profile a sketch of this styling, the inspiration and its execution. We have to admit that the whole thing is very well put together. The black latex contrasts with the polished metal finishes of the harness, corset and shoes. In the same scene we see yet another costume. This time it is the BDSM costume of a dog, in this particular case a dalmatian. It is a suit, socks, a mask, a tail, paws and a red harness. You have to admit to the authors that making such a stylization in such a holistic way is a big commitment. This scene is probably one of the most elaborate in terms of costumes. And there’s a lot of latex in it!

The series BONDiNG is a series about many aspects of life, problems, psychology and the broadly understood world of BDSM. There is also a place for latex in it. It was shown in a very interesting way, which does not impose itself. The viewer can see non-accidental, elegant stylizations. Latex allows to express an idea, a message or a vision of an outfit in an original way. An evening dress may as well be made of latex, thanks to which even a classic and simple gown becomes something special that is hard to pass by indifferently. Let’s hope that well more and more often we will be able to see on the screens of cinemas, TV sets or computers great latex creations.


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