Anna Karwan – latex performance on TVN New Year’s Eve Party 2019


New Year's Eve is one of the most important days in the calendar of parties and events - private, municipal or television. Many television stations organize concerts in various cities and invite music stars to them. During the New Year's Eve party on TVN Anna Karwan sang in latex!

New Year’s Eve is one of those dates in the year when we try to look great and have fun. We want to end the old year in a good mood and start the new one with a champagne party. It is no different for the musicians who shine on the stages that night. And since we’re talking about unique attire and sparkle, latex seems to be the first choice.

Source: Reporter, Author: Artur Zawadzki

TVN station and City Hall of Warsaw organized in Warsaw New Year’s Eve and invited many artists. Among them was Anna Karwan, who in recent years has been dynamically developing her solo career. During the whole night there were two performances and during the second of them she appeared on stage wearing latex. Anna wore a black latex blouse with long sleeves and a zipper on the back. She put on a dress in contrasting white color. The whole look was completed with a black belt and short black gloves. The gloves appear to be a natural extension of the latex sleeves, but are actually made of vinyl. In such styling we could hear two songs – from the author’s “I listen to you on the radio every week” and “Sweet Dreams” from Beyonce’s repertoire.

We must admit that Ania likes the latex look very much. It did not escape the attention of her fans who posted their words of praise in the Internet. We can only hope that soon Anna Karwan will impress with another outfit.


Paweł Tumiłowicz

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